What does the future hold?

The future is a tricky thing because you never know whats going to happen next in your life. We change our plans for the future all the time we say we want to do one thing then turn around and do another. We do things to prepare us for our future like for an example if you want to become and professional athlete you work hard on your body and your skill in order to be the best player you can be. If you want to get in to a good college you work hard in school and get good grades to get to your goal. Everybody’s idea for their own future is different, me personally I like to think that the only one who knows your future is God or if you believe in another higher spiritual being. I don’t know what my future holds but I know what  want my future to entail. I want be a professional basketball player in the NBA that’s what I want my future to be that’s my goal. Of course I want to be rich I mean who wouldn’t want to be, but being in the National Basketball Association has been my dream and goal since I was the age of six. I have been working on my game for years to make it to that level and I still have a lot of work to do , I have accomplished one of my goals by playing division 1 college basketball, I am a Sophomore now and still have two more years to play to reach my dream. I know the task isn’t easy and I don’t think anyone believes in me but me honestly, but that’s ok I have been doubted my whole life and proved a lot people wrong. That is my biggest motivation so when i do make it to the NBA I will make sure I give back to my community and the people that helped me along the way.cropped-basketball-court-1453833.jpg.


In five days we’re losing a legend

That’s right ladies and gentleman in five days were are losing a legend the Future hall of Famer Kobe Bryant. Even though the Lakers have been horrible this year, the highlight of the season has been Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour. The farewell tour is whats it has been called as Kobe plays his last season in the NBA, people having been pouring in from everywhere to see Kobe play his last season with the Lakers. Fans have flown all the way from China to see the Black Mamba play ( Black Mamba is Kobe Bryant’s nickname because his killer instinct on the court resembles the killer instinct of the Black Mamba snakes which is one of the most deadliest snakes in the world.) This one man quit his job just to see Kobe play a game in his final season. Kobe Bryant’s final game of the season game cheapest ticket is $800 and people are fighting for these tickets. As a basketball player and a fan i will genuinely miss Kobe Bryant playing the game of basketball, his work ethic, his drive, his determination and love for the game he had was so rare.Many compare Kobe to Jordan and in my personal opinion I think he is the closet thing to the G.O.A.T himself.  Kobe Bryant you will be missed dearly! kobe-bryant-041315-getty-ftrjpg_hnmwtxmeqtvu1fyv5fnzn6abh

Is Stephen Curry the GOAT?

WHO is your Daddy??? That’s basically what Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have been saying to the rest of the NBA.  If you haven’t been seeing what Stephen Curry and the warriors have been doing this year than that means one of two things. One you have been living under a rock or TWO you have been living under a rock. The Warriors are on pace of beating Micheal Jordan’s 96 bulls record of  72-10 and people are starting to call Stephen Curry the best next to Jordan. Wow there tiger pump ya brakes before you crash, no one as come close to what Micheal Jordan has done except for the Mamba himself Kobe Bryant in my Opinion and LeBron James is right behind him. People acting like the stuff Stephen Curry is doing has never been done before no knock on my man because he is a walking, talking, breathing bucket but the stuff he’s doing now has been done before. By who?  glad you ask, I’m going to name two people One you all should know and the other you might know if your a basketball junkie. The first player and in my opinion the best pound for pound player ever is Allen Iverson this dude was giving people 40’s,50’s, and 60 points, like it was nothing all while being under 6’0. The second dude is Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf aka Chris Jackson before he became Muslim if you done know who he is then you should do yourself a favor and Youtube him, and after you watch it you’ll be amazed.


March Madness is upon us

Its that time of year again folks March Madness is upon us and it is the most wonderful time of the year in college basketball when the small schools get shine and the big schools get the boot. when no names become stars on the biggest stage in the world; the NCAA tournament. The NCAA tournament is the most watched sporting event behind the Super Bowl (I think) people who don’t even watch basketball faithfully get into the march madness spirit. why you ask? The brackets… The brackets are a ticket to free money based surely off guessing and fate.   For those who do not know, the NCAA tournament is compiled of 68 teams, 34 teams each side of the bracket broken in down into four regions. the 1 seed will lay the 16th seed in each region then its goes down from there 2nd plays the 15th, 3rd plays the 14seed so on and so fourth until there is one champion. Heres the thing in order to win the grand prize you must predict every win and lose correctly, you could literally win millions by guessing who will win a game or not. so if i were you id start watching some college basketball and doing some research but no matter how much you watch and research it won’t be enough when the upsets come. Upsets are always going to happen during the NCAA tournament it happens every year and thats what make the NCAA tournament such a great experience to watch. Seeing what cinderella teams can make it to the final four beat the big time programs. So basketball fans grab your popcorn and enjoy the show, its march madness baby!

Did you watch the NBA ALL-STAR game or took your lady out for dinner.

February is a significant month to a lot of people its Black history month which is the most important thing and should be the main focus of the month of February. But there are two other major events in February; valentines day in my personal opinion is for the ladies and of course  NBA All-Star weekend. Now the only predicament is that valentines day and the NBA All-Star game is on the same day Sunday February 14th, and I know a lot of fellas had that hard decision of going to the all star or staying and taking your lady to a nice restaurant, or some dudes killed two birds with one stone, they took their lady to the All-star game on Valentines day. I personally want to applaud those dudes who did both,.. but for some of us guys we don’t have the luxury or the money to even go to All-Star weekend I know I didn’t. Might I Say this All-star weekend was one for ages from the Skills competition, 3- point contest, and the Dunk Contest was probably one of the best dunk contest ever in many peoples opinion. you had Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon finally bring back the juice to the dunk contest. but anyway back to Valentines Day, you want to know what I did? took my girl out nice dinner got her a nicer gift that she wasn’t expecting and still got back in time to watch the Tip- off of the NBA all-star game, but I mean my girl likes basketball too so that’s a plus. fellas, comment on this post I want to know what you guys did.


Til next time,….. Im out people.

Welcome to Daspot

Whats going on My name is Anthony I’m a Division I basketball player and my blog is called Daspot , a blog about the lifestyle of a basketball player. From NBA news, College basketball, Music, and the latest sneakers and fashion. Being a basketball player myself I know first hand what ballplayers talk about when it comes to various topics. This is a blog made for ballplayers and basketball lovers. I’m writing about this because this is what I do, I love playing basketball and enjoy the basketball lifestyle. Plans for my blog will be simple talk about stuff going on in the NBA, College, and some high school. Talk about the latest sneakers when they drop and asking will you be grabbing a pair, also be putting up videos of people getting dunked on and other highlights from wherever a basketball is dribbled. Finally overall basketball news that you need to know, so tune in every week for the latest in the lifestyle of a baller.